Respite Care

During your short stay with us, staff aims to provide a cheerful and comfortable atmosphere. We aim to ensure you are safe, secure, comfortable to stay and happy to return in the future.

During the day, you continue with your usual day activity, which could be college, day centre, work experience or voluntary work. In the evening and during weekends, we organise additional activities, such as cards, games, karaoke and computer-based games.

In all of our services there is a TV, a hi-fi system, pubs, cinemas, theatre and theme parks (Chessington, Windsor great park, Lego Land etc.) depending on what you would like to do. For many clients the most important part of the stay here is an opportunity to spend time with friends – or make new ones. You decide when to get up and retire to bed. Help and guidance is provided to clients where necessary.


Each person regardless of their level of dependence or disability is a unique individual and a valued member of society with a right to:

  • Respect and a positive image.
  • Access to the experiences and opportunities which other citizens value and tend to seek.
  • Make choices about their life and lifestyle.
  • The support they need in order to be included in and participate in the community.


  • To support clients with Mental Health and their careers in the community through the provision of both planned and emergency respite care.
  • To enable individuals to maintain their independence and make choices about their life and lifestyle.
  • To provide opportunities in the community for socialism through a range of activities


All personal information is kept confidential. You have the right to request to go through your records. Staff will only share your personal information with your consent to those involved in your care.

If a client is unable to give consent, we will work closely with the relatives and carers in the best interests of the person receiving the service.


Staff encourages you to plan, shopping and preparation of meals. Staffs are aware & sensitive to your health, religious and cultural needs. We ensure there is choice an variety on the menu planning. Snacks are also available, if required a packed lunch is provided for you if you go out for the day.

We work to standards laid down by the Care Standards Act 2008. Staff are recruited under equal opportunities guidelines and supported through regular training and supervision. Staff are employed after DBS check, which is renewed every three years. We place a very high value on service user participation in the running of the home. Every service user has a key worker who is responsible for making up a plan and reviewing it when necessary, with the involvement of significant other’s friends and family. This key worker can act as an advocate for the client as and when needed.

Our health care professionals consists adult and mental nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, support workers and health care assistants. We can provide you with ad-hoc short or long term contract solutions 24/7.

Our Clients comprise of NHS trusts, private nursing homes and private care homes.


Our recruitment is a diligent team of quality workers who are committed and thorough to helping their patients to the best of their abilities.

Our recruitment is robust and thorough, and we have a mandate to ensure that all staff are compliant before they are deployed to work. We therefore supply staff that are committed and competent.


Nova Healthcare covers all the necessary checks such as the right to work in the UK, proof of identity, disclosure barring checks, references, mandatory trainings and verify employment gaps. Interviews are also conducted before candidates’ quality to go to work.

Our passion for excellence also enables us to be diligent in our recruitment and as result of our recruitment model we deliver satisfactory service to our customers who depend on us anytime they are in need of staff cover.

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