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We welcome you to contact our recruitment team at info@novahc.co.uk for any job inquiries or to discuss your staffing needs. At Nova Healthcare Services Ltd., we are committed to fostering partnerships and delivering unrivaled healthcare staffing solutions. 


  •  Nova Healthcare Services Ltd. specializes in recruiting support workers, healthcare assistants, and adult and mental health nurses.
  • The agency is committed to the continuous professional development of its healthcare staff.
  • Comprehensive CTSF training is provided through online and traditional classroom environments.
  • Flexible ad-hoc contract solutions are offered to meet clients’ ever-changing staffing needs.
  • Contract solutions are available 24/7 to address both immediate and long-term staffing requirements.
  • The agency maintains high standards of care while providing staffing solutions.


  • To support clients in diverse environments with staffing needs where required
  • Will always be to provide excellent client satisfaction


  • People First
  • Integrity
  • Team Work


Nurses work as part of a professional and medical staff team that includes doctors, social workers, and therapists.


  • Providing pre-and post-operation care
  • Monitoring and administering medication and intravenous infusions. Supervising junior staff
  • Providing emotional support to patients and relatives.


Mental health nurses may specialise in working with, young people or offenders.

Typical duties of the job include:

  • Agreeing and reviewing care plans and monitoring progress, updating patient records.
  • Liaising with doctors, social workers, and other professionals.
  • Administering medication

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